Business Type

Sign Type

Glass Decoration

Window Graphics

it is possible to combine any of the range of frosting films with coloured or metallic finishes.

Colour choices

There is a vast range of colours, tints and grades to choose from.

Decorative Design

Ideal for that perfect finishing touch.

Black Frosting

Ideal for main windows and internal partitions.


The image and identity can be displayed in a very effective and prominent way on main windows.

Printed Images

Choose from thousands of beautiful images that can be installed to any main window or partition.

Itemize Services

It is very important that potential customers are made aware of any services, products or treatments.

Solar filming

  • Reduces temperature by reflecting UV
  • Solar filming creates a more practical work environment
  • choices of density and reflection
  • reduce running costs of electrical cooling systems
  • Creates an ability to see out but not see in
  • Energy saving